Combining history with innovative practices.


  • Professional development to business educators in their content areas
  • Continuing update communications with educators on trends and issues in the various program areas
  • Two in-state conventions for business educators
  • Leadership development activities
  • An avenue for networking among business educators throughout the state, region and at the national level
  • Professional growth and educational opportunities


Legislative Advocacy

  • Help in how to voice your concerns to your legislators at all levels

Lessons and Resource Sharing

  • Members are given access to our curriculum database


  • An opportunity for Business educators across content areas to meet and to meet and discuss curriculum and instruction.

Professional Development

  • Provides opportunities to members through the Summer Boot Camp and the Fall Convention

Meet The MBEA Board

Past Board Presidents

Year President Convention Location
1937 Dr. J.M. Trytten Ann Arbor
1938 Dr. J.M. Trytten Flint
1939 Bernice Cowdle Grand Rapids
1940 Bernice Cowdle Grand Rapids
1940 Clyde W. Kammerer Detroit
1941 Emmet E. Winters Battle Creek
1942 John Cooper Saginaw
1943 Ivan Mitchell None
1944 Ivan Mitchell Detroit
1945 Guy Ringle None
1946 Guy Ringle Lansing
1947 Archie D. Waring Detroit
1948 Gertrude I. Murray Grand Rapids
1949 Robert H. Shorney Bay City
1950 Arthur Balfour Battle Creek
1951 Harvey Meyer Port Huron
1952 Catherine Riggs Grand Rapids
1953 Nelson Lanfear Saginaw
1954 Dorothy Merritt Muskegon
1955 Dr. Lyle Maxwell Saginaw
1956 Robert Sneden Detroit
1957 Allan Barron Grand Rapids
1958 Cora Posey Saginaw
1959 Dr. Frank Lanham Detroit
1960 Frances French Grand Rapids
1961 A.C. Hermann Saginaw
1962 Pauline Dunsmore Lansing
1963 Ima Chambers Detroit
1964 Dr. Kale Keyser Grand Rapids
1965 Dr. Patricia Patsloff Lansing
1966 Homer F. Long Detroit
1967 Dr. Robert Poland Grand Rapids
1968 Edna Diehl Detroit
1969 Dr. Ray Dannenberg Grand Rapids
1970 Gertrude Smith Detroit
1971 Dr. Celestine Mongo Grand Rapids
1972 Dr. Peter G. Haines Detroit
1973 Dr. James Godell Grand Rapids
1974 Frank Paone Detroit
1975 Dr. John Kushner Grand Rapids
1976 Dr. Carol Stencel Troy
1977 Bonnie Jean Distler Grand Rapids
1978 Ray Kaczmarski Troy
1979 James LaParl Kalamazoo
1980 Dr. Wells F. Cook Detroit
1981 Eddie Green Kalamazoo
1982 Dr. Sue Rigby Detroit
1983 Eldon Kaufmann Grand Rapids
1984 Betty Dugan Flint
1985 Dr. Marcella Kocar Kalamazoo
1986 Dr. Mary Foster-Havercamp Flint
1987 Jerome Fribley Grand Rapids
1988 L. Maxine Jones Detroit
1989 Dr. Helene Zimmerman Grand Rapids
1990 Dr. Mary Robek Battle Creek
1991 Dr. Carol Johnson Grand Rapids
1992 Dr. Karen L. Norman Detroit
1993 Mary H. Pettaway Grand Rapids
1994 Dr. Susan Maxam Lansing
1995 Delores S. Cotton Flint
1996 Christopher Korbel Troy
1997 Delmar Harkenrider East Lansing
1998 James O’Brien Grand Rapids
1999 Sue Reid Troy
2000 Rita Rose Kalamazoo
2001 Arlene Vlahos Mt. Pleasant
2002 Dr. Larry G. Pagel Novi
2003 Dr. Judith K. Berry Grand Rapids
2004 Barbara Bartosiewicz East Lansing
2005 Bettie Goodman Novi
2006 Bettie Goodman Kalamazoo
2007 Pamela J. Miller Frankenmuth
2008 Bettie Goodman Grand Rapids
2009 Joyce K. Hansen Thompsonville
2010 Joyce K. Hansen Frankenmuth
2011 Colleen L. B. Webb East Lansing
2012 Colleen L. B. Webb East Lansing
2013 Colleen L. B. Webb Frankenmuth
2014 Colleen L. B. Webb East Lansing
2015 Colleen L. B. Webb Frankenmuth
2016 Colleen L. B. Webb Grand Rapids
2017 Colleen L. B. Webb Frankenmuth
2018 Colleen L. B. Webb Mt Pleasant
2019 Colleen L. B. Webb Mt. Pleasant
2020 Colleen L. B. Webb Virtual Conference
2021 Colleen L. B. Webb Frankenmuth
2022 Colleen L. B. Webb Frankenmuth
2023 Colleen L. B. Webb Frankenmuth